For Best Results

Use on freshly washed hair, dry off most of the moisture leaving hair slightly damp, brush thoroughly, part in your desired parting. Place The Aurora Band on your head. Divide hair down the back centre of crown as if to make pigtails. Starting from the front, take your first section, about 2 inches for longer hair, make bigger sections. Comb each section before you wrap. ALWAYS REMEMBER to add the remainder of each section into the next until you reach the nape of the neck. Repeat on the opposite side, again starting at the front. Pull the Band back to hairline when finished wrapping.

Top Tip

TOP TIP Try to leave a space at the back of the band where the 2 sides meet. This ensures easy unlooping in the morning.

Removing the Aurora Band

Start unravelling from the nape of the neck by turning the band inside out and inserting your finger under the loop, starting from the last section wrapped. Work to the front and repeat process on the opposite side. Do not pull hair from Velcro side when unlooping. When the band has been unwrapped, run fingers around the fabric side of The Aurora Band to ensure all hair has been unlooped from Velcro. As you are lifting the band from your head, run your fingers around the band pulling any hair down that may still be attached to the Velcro. Once the Band is removed, shake out your hair.

Top Tip

At first your hair may seem a little untamed, leave to settle and then tease into place. To reuse the following night, simply brush out hair and wrap again. Best results are on medium to long layered hair.